The Gift of

The Beautiful Game



  The Soccer Ball Project is a non-profit organization that provides new quality soccer balls to children in poverty-stricken communities, underprivileged youth and to sick kids suffering from illness around the world. The Beautiful game of football has the power to unite all races, genders and colours. It's a universal language without borders. The sport empowers big dreams, provides hope and allows future generations a reason to face their storms with smile. The gift of a new soccer ball can change the world for these children, some have never even seen a real ball. They play with makeshift balls made of large fruit, garbage, socks, plastic bags, rubber bands, twine string and cloth, we want this to come to an end! The Soccer ball Project wishes that these kids never fall asleep without a dream and always wake up with a goal. We Partner with other organizations to ensure we have various sources to assist wit donations. Together we can make some dreams come true.